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Sanford ‘Sandy’ Delano: Why I’m running for Lincolnville Board of Selectmen

Posted:  Tuesday, June 6, 2017 - 6:15pm

For a long time, running for public office is something I have meant to do because I believe that unless you are involved in some fashion with the decision making process, you have little right to complain about decisions being made for you. Little time was left me after long days at work and raising a family with my wife, Kathy, until retirement, which I've in realty flunked as I'm working almost full time at the Free Press newspaper as a salesperson in Waldo County.

Post-corporate America, I can now pick and choose where some of my time is spent, and being a selectperson would allow me to help make decisions that impact me, my family and neighbors. Budgeting, problem resolution and team participation are things I have done well in my career, and recognizing that a single Select Board member can accomplish little without the assistance of other town committees, and input from others, I don't expect, if elected, to have any monumental impact on our town without the advice and consent of our community.

I would appreciate your vote on June 13.