Poole, Thompson picked for Vinalhaven Board of Selectmen, voters turn down school budget

Posted:  Tuesday, June 13, 2017 - 11:00pm

VINALHAVEN — Vinalhaven voters re-elected Donald Poole to Board of Selectmen Tuesday night, with 253 votes, and elected Jacob Thompson to the other open three-year seat, giving him 213 votes.

There were 82 blanks for the Board of Selectmen question, but 26 write-in votes cast for 19 people, including: Lee Osgood (4), Pat Lundholm (4), Dennis Warren (2), Sharon Philbrook (1), Emily Lane (1), George Andrews (1), Norman Young (1), Shawn Chiles (1), Del Webster (1), Alison Thibault (1), Merle Webster (1), Louis Martin (1), John Jones (1), Buddy Skoog (1), Roger Hufsey (1), Earl Dwyer (1), Rachel Noyes (1), Mike Philbrook (1), and Chris Guilford (1).

Election officials reported a total of 287 voters at the polls June 13.

Vinalhaven voters narrowly approved the State Bond Referendum, 151 to 127, and cast 254 votes for Laura Lazaro to serve as an MSAD 8 School Board Director. Voters also elected Pamela Conway Alley to serve as a Water District Trustee. Alley earned 125 of the 135 votes cast, with five of the remaining votes going to write-in candidates and five votes left blank.

As for the MSAD 8 budget, it failed by a vote of 160 against and 126 in favor.

The Vinalhaven Annual Town Meeting will be held Wednesday, June 21 at 7 p.m. at Vinalhaven School.