Monroe Democrat announces run for 2nd Congressional District

Posted:  Thursday, July 20, 2017 - 7:00am

MONROE — Jonathan Fulford from Monroe, Maine is running for Congress in the 2nd Congressional district. He released the following statement:

"I am running for Congress because it is time for an economy that works for everyone.

It is time for government to invest in the well being of its citizens and build a fair and prosperous economy with jobs that pay enough to live on. We need more freedom and more opportunity to support ourselves, raise our families, and live together in peace and prosperity in our communities.

For too long we have provided tax cuts to the rich and to big business believing it would deliver the jobs, healthcare, and energy we need for a better life. That method diminished the middle class and now Maine families increasingly struggle to make ends meet.

Jobs that support our way of life are a necessity. It is time for an infrastructure that will protect and sensibly grow the fishing, farming, forestry, and tourism that supports many families and communities in northern Maine. We need better roads and full coverage broadband and cell service. We need living wages and guaranteed retirement benefits.

Healthcare is a necessity. It is time to stop bickering about health insurance plans that favor pharmaceutical and insurance company profits. It's past time to have healthcare for all. This will create good paying jobs in Maine and reduce overall healthcare costs benefiting businesses and families.

Affordable clean energy is a necessity. It is time to put aside the false arguments against climate change and embrace the boom that renewable energy and energy efficiency provides. Clean energy brings good jobs, energy independence, national security, and lower energy costs for Maine.

We need elected officials who are accessible to Mainers, who listen, and who have the courage to take a clear stand.

I have been a farmer and a carpenter for over thirty years. I have run a construction business focused on energy efficiency, and I have always paid a living wage. I have seen the importance that a decent job makes for people to succeed. My wife is a midwife running a birthing center in Bangor. Our four children all live in the 2nd District with our five grandchildren. They are farmers, builders, and parents. We are part of the fabric of Maine.

My commitment is to making the future one of abundance, justice, and peace, with healthy and meaningful lives for all. This is a campaign for the future of the people of Maine. Together we can make a more prosperous and fair world."

Jonathan Fulford ran against the incumbent state senate president and came within 1% of winning. He is a tireless advocate for those who are underrepresented in today's Washington. He serves on the board of Maine AllCare, the board of Waldo County Habitat for Humanity, and the Belfast Energy Committee.