Letter to the Editor: In support of Camden’s Beveridge and McKellar

Posted:  Monday, June 5, 2017 - 1:15pm

I am writing this letter to the Editor to share some of my insight since attending a few of Camden's Select Board candidate forums. It has opened my eyes to many important issues in our town.

When I sat there watching the beginning of the meeting, I noticed a young girl sitting at the candidate's table and thought "She is so young what can she do for the town?" Then I heard her speak and tell us her experiences on committees for our town and this caused me to think maybe she does have something to offer and understands the issues. While continuing to listen to the candidates give their answers to the questions presented, I became even more impressed with Alison. She shows her knowledge with the workings of town government and has many good ideas of some possible solutions to problems facing us. She is passionate about these town issues. Alison McKellar has won one of my votes.

Of course everyone already knows what another of my votes will be. While going to these candidate forums, I have now experienced seeing a part of my husband, Steve Beveridge's, world with town government issues that he has been involved in through his work these past several years as public works director in Rockport. Steve has worked on town budget committees for many years. He has served on the Camden Budget Committee in the past, as well as had input on the Rockport budget committee for many years. Steve also has experience with the public in helping work out their concerns with both individual citizens and town issues he has faced over the years. Through his experiences and knowledge of the workings of municipalities, he will be great in helping our town.

I hope that people come out and vote June 13 and come to the town meeting on the June 14. It is important to come and take part in our town government matters. As I said, my eyes have been open to important issues facing our town and they can't get solved without the voice of the people.

Cheryl Beveridge is a lifelong resident of Camden.