Pay It Forward for Kids, Inc.


This program benefits children in Waldo County, Maine.  Primarily helping our community by paying off outstanding lunch balances in the school programs, but we also work to gather school supplies, distribute backpacks, and help schools and children purchase items that will enhance children and teacher's ability to thrive. We are a non-profit organization and our Board is made up of a small group of local folks looking to help people in our own backyard.

It is our focus to help Kids get the nutritious meals they need as well as deserve so they are able to flourish and learn without the concerns and shame of going without for any number of reasons due to inability to pay.

Pay It Forward for Kids! purpose is to allow children to thrive, grow, and focus on learning without the stress or shame that can come with being denied lunch, or receiving a substitute lunch.  The more we visit school systems and administrators in the area, the more we learn about this growing issue.  We are doing our part to make a positive change in the local community!