Dulse & Rugosa Maine Island Botanicals


Dulse & Rugosa is a small family and community centered business run by the mother and daughter team of Claire and Carly Weinberg. We strive to create nourishing bath and beauty products inspired by the Maine island that we call home. Gott Island, located off the coast of Mount Desert Island, was a thriving community in the 1900s. With two churches, a store, and a post office. Today the island has no year-round residents and the mail stops running in mid-September. There are no cars, stores, ferry service or even electricity on the island, but we still love it!!

In the early 1980s our family began living on Gott Island year round. We were the last people to spend the winters on the island. Carly first came to the island when she was a day old. Our family spent seven years on the island growing our own food, raising animals and cutting wood to heat our log cabin in the winter. We all love to garden. What started as a passion to grow and produce our own food turned into a wish to create beauty products that we could use and feel proud of using. Our family loves Gotts Island and believes that this island is the best place on Earth. We created Dulse & Rugosa as a way to share the beauty and power of the island with everyone.

We grow many of the botanicals used in Dulse & Rugosa's products. We have beds full of calendula and bachelor’s buttons and other botanicals and are working on planting hedges of rugosa roses to add to the rose hips and petals that we all ready collect along Gott Island's shore line. The botanicals that we can't grow we harvest from the shores, meadows, and forests of Gott Island. During the early summer we spend each day walking the shore-line collecting the pink and white Rugosa roses.

At low tides we scour the ledges surrounding the island for different types of seaweeds. We wild harvest dulse, sugar kelp, sea lettuce, Irish moss, finger kelp, and nori. From the forests we collect balsam needles and bay leaves.

In the late summer and early fall the meadows of Gott Island are full of St. John's Wort and rose hips. All of our botanicals are hand-picked and then air-dried. We know that only the best ingredients end up in our products.

Welcome to the family and welcome to Gott Island. We hope you love Dulse & Rugosa as much as we do!!!