Your $3 portal into the fairy world

Posted:  Monday, September 18, 2017 - 10:45am

Story Location:
2060 Atlantic Hwy
Lincolnville  Maine  04849
United States

If you’ve been following my stories inspired by Irish fairy tales and folktales around my “Wee Folk” miniature dresses, I took a number of stylized photographs with them and made them into high quality postcards ($3 each) at Red Barn Marketplace in Lincolnville as well as The Flower Goddess in Rockland.

Check out my fairy rath in the jewel case on the first floor and you’ll see the cards on top. There are more than 25 designs and dresses. Each one has a back story, whether it’s The Fairy Mistress, who steals poet’s hearts and creativity, or it’s The Maidencliff Fairy posed at the top of Maidencliff.


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