What Can a Tutor Do For My Child?

Posted:  Tuesday, October 30, 2018 - 1:00pm

You may not have considered what a tutor could do for you and for your child.

Is your child having trouble with organization? Where does a student learn how to take notes, keep vocabulary lists, make flashcards, practice pronunciation of a foreign language or memorize key math formulas? Classroom teachers have a great deal of material to cover in every class. They may not be coaching students on how to keep on top of everything. Tutors can help.

Is your child working efficiently? We all want to see our children working hard and earning good grades, but if a child is just spending hours without seeing results, that child may need help from a tutor. We can help students focus on what they REALLY need to know, show them faster, more straightforward methods or help them pick the most relevant details they need to absorb.

Does the class move too fast for your child? It is not the teacher's fault. Every person learns at a different rate, and the classroom teacher has to pick a pace that suits the majority of the group. If your child needs a little longer to absorb a new idea, or needs to go over it more than once, a tutor can provide that time and space for learning.

What about a personal "fit"? No teacher would ever claim that s/he has a perfect connection with each student. Sometimes having a second person to explain a concept, talk about a topic in a different light, or just expand on a part of the problem is exactly what makes the difference between really understanding and just "sort of getting it." There are students who like exciting, loud teachers and some who like one with a more quiet, thoughtful approach. The Study Hall has a variety of tutors available, and we try hard to match the student to the tutor so that everyone feels comfortable.

How can a tutor help a parent? All of us can agree that it is sometimes helpful to have another adult available to help our children. Sometimes an outside professional can make more progress with a child who needs help with specific schoolwork.

The Study Hall tutors will work with both the child and the parent to find a good fit, make a good work plan, and get a good result. Call us today at 236-3949 or email rockport@thestudyhall.com to discuss how we can help YOU.