Thankful for....part 2

Posted:  Tuesday, November 13, 2018 - 9:28am
- Private group -
PHCI is a company like no other. Our team works hard each day. The management team is made up of strong, independent women just like the owner; Kathy Strout. None of these amazing women would be a part of this amazing team if it wasn’t for the company’s founder Kathy Strout. Kathy took her dream and passion and turned it into a business that we are all proud to be apart of. Without Kathy’s strong belief in making a company that puts people first we would not be able to do the great amount of good that we do.
One of our coordinators is Lisa. Lisa is smart, strong and a paperwork guru! I am so thankful to have Lisa in this office, she is able to separate emotion from the job when need be making her an asset to any work place. Our wok can be very emotional and there is no way we could do the work we do without her on our team! I truly admire her hard-work and determination and the life experiences she has brought to the team!

Another member of our team is Carol; sweet, sensitive Carol! Her strong emotional grasp of life is so refreshing and encouraging! Carol is our Hospice guru. The emotional connection that she can make with everyone and anyone makes her perfect to head up all things Hospice in our office. Carol is able to separate work and personal in a way I can only dream of! Carol manages to keep everything going even with her busy schedule! Carol maintains her hardworking ethics as a coordinator at PHCI as well as a full-time mentor for the local robotics team! We are blessed to have her as part of our team!


Our Office Manager is Sue, we couldn’t do what we all do if it wasn’t for Sue! Sue is able to hold down the entire office while the coordinators run around making sure that everything is just right with the clients and staff. Sue’s responsibilities are more then I could ever take on! She thrives in the busy day to day office work that would break a lesser woman! We are so blessed to have Sue at the office holding down the fort!


Vanessa is one of our newest office team members. She has a fun, energetic draw to her! Vanessa maybe new but her presentation and eagerness to succeed is unlike any other! Vanessa has a huge smile that matches her upbeat energy. Her gratitude and honesty make her a valued part of the team!


Our team leader is Ellen. There are not enough words to describe Ellen. Everyone in our office hold Ellen in the highest regard! She is smart, funny, knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and is a inspiring force that drives us all to success! Ellen has taken each and everyone of us under her wing, we would not be the successful team we are today without her. Her inspiring life has not only taught us to be strong but to push threw no matter the situation.  I personally can say that I would not be where I am today if it had not been for all the great advice, encouragement and friendship I receive from Ellen. I know each person who works for PHCI has been touched by Ellen’s thoughtfulness and encouragement. Every client knows Ellen as a force like no other, she will fight for the best care possible and is never wavering in her pursuit. Ellen leads by example, she has never asked anyone to do something she wasn’t willing to do or has done in the past. She gives up her personal time, so staff can have a break or take time off to see their kids’ baseball game. Her emotional strength is that of legends. We are blessed to have her as our team leader!


Our team here at Private Home Care, Inc. is one I could not have imagined in a million years. I am thankful that each day I get to go to work with a great group of women who I can call not only my co-workers but my friends.