Take a Small Step to Start Your Zero Waste Journey

Posted:  Monday, January 15, 2018 - 8:00am

 Plastics are a part of life.  Single use plastics are plastics used once and then discarded.  Often this plastic ends up in the oceans.  When a straw, a balloon, a drink cup breaks down it can look like a tasty tempting bite to a hungry sea creature.  Some of the marine species most affected by plastic pollution are sea turtles, seals and sea lions, seabirds, fish, whales and dolphins.  It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and helpless but one small step can make a difference.  Make the move to “reusable” and move away from “throwaway”.  Reuse everyday products like shopping bags, coffee mugs, water bottles and straws.  This small step will have a big impact.

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