Quick Easy Freezable Meals-Ziti

Posted:  Wednesday, December 26, 2018 - 10:43am
- Private group -

Quick Easy meals

Quick, easy meals that can be prepped and frozen until needed! The next couple of weeks we will be making some quick and easy recipes for the one or two people!

Ziti and Meatballs


One 1 lb. Box of Ziti pasta

One 24 oz. Jar of Pasta Sauce

One bag of Frozen Meatballs

One 12 oz bag of desired shredded cheese


1.    Heat the meatballs in the microwave safe dish until cooked

2.    Boil pasta for 7 minutes stirring often, then drain pasta

3.    Add sauce to pasta and heat on low

4.    Add meatballs as to pasta

5.    Add cheese, stir in

6.    Place in freezer safe dish and let cool

7.    Once cool place in the freezer, reheat when needed

*For added flavor you can add other meats or vegetables