More Ocean -Less Plastic

Posted:  Thursday, April 12, 2018 - 7:45am

Yesterday feeling sad about the death of a young sperm whale from ingesting plastic I headed into the weeds.  I’m talking washed up seaweed.  I pick up beach trash most days but I decided to do a bit extra.  I started with a washed ashore plastic bucket.  According to the news reports inside the stomach was a “jerry can”.  I’m not exactly sure what that is but I imagine it’s similar to our ubiquitous plastic buckets which can be used for just about any chore around the house and garden.  But imagine having one inside your stomach?  I focused on small bits and what I found could be put into 2 categories.  Marine trash, mostly bits of blue styrofoam from docks and floats.  Imagine how tasty those small blue bits look to jellyfish?  And then the styrofoam coffee cup.  ICK- the coffee served in those cups taste so gross.  so even for purely selfish reason you should stop drinking styrofoam coffee.  You deserve a great cup of joe.  I don’t have an easy answer to Marine litter but I do have an easy answer to the coffee cups- Bring Your Own.