Meet Theresa

Posted:  Thursday, November 16, 2017 - 11:44am
Theresa Nizio, Office Assistant
Hi, I am Theresa Nizio working for Private Home Care, Inc. one year, as a part-time Office Assistant.   My husband and I were born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  I had worked as Administrative Secretary full-time at Sears in Philadelphia for 19 years before moving to Maine in 1988.  We moved to Maine earlier then we thought as we hoped to retire here; we vacationed in the Boothbay Bay area for 14 years.  I located a position at Pen Bay Medical Center as Administrative Assistant in Fiscal Services and had been there 29 years full-time before coming to Private Home Care.  My husband worked for the Postal Service here in Maine for some years before having to leave because of health issues.  
Theresa's two smallest rescue dogs, Hannah and Moreley
Before moving to Maine we were avid fans of Modified Stock Car Races and Indy Car Races.  We attended these every weekend from late-April through mid-October, our second date in 1967 was a car race.  I have also pursued a background working with animals.  I worked part-time at an Animal Hospital outside of Philadelphia two times a week as an Assistant Vet Technician and worked there 8 years.  Attending workshops and such helped me learn more about caring for cats, dogs and other animals on the job.  Animal science is so interesting and rewarding.  As pets we have a few rescued dogs, cats, small animals and birds.  My love for animals goes back to my childhood; my grandfather owned a farm 20 miles outside of Philadelphia.   My parents and I were there every weekend.

My husband and I have been married for 48 years and have many happy memories of travel, car races and a variety of different activities and our love for animals.