Window and Door Replacement Done Right

Posted:  Wednesday, July 12, 2017 - 3:00pm

There are lots of good deals out there for window and door replacement services and it’s tempting to go for the advertised bargains. But when it comes to an investment that benefits you in the long run, the cheapest price doesn’t always pay off. If you are looking to upgrade your windows or doors this summer, make sure you consider two critical factors: window quality and installation quality

At Evergreen, we install Marvin products because we know we can trust Marvin to deliver a product that is strong & durable, energy efficient, easy to use, and beautiful to look at. Our professional installation services are geared to your long-term satisfaction, not a quick profit. We make sure we install your valuable windows to last, addressing underlying framing issues or moisture damage, correctly airsealing & insulating against energy loss, and trimming the window with expertise.

Reasons to Upgrade Your Windows this Summer

1. Let in the Light - Without All the Heat!

New windows have glaze options that allow plenty of beautiful light to shine through, without all the summer heat that goes with it. And, modern coatings help prevent wanted winter warmth from migrating out through the glass. Enjoy the benefits of looking out of new clear glass  with easy-to-use windows by Marvin.

 2. Boost Energy Efficiency & Reduce Your Bills

Although new windows alone won’t optimize your home for energy efficiency, they can make a great difference when you’ve already made improvements like air sealing and insulation. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, drafty, inefficient windows can cause your energy bills during the summer and winter to be about 10-25% higher. So if you’re looking to further increase your home’s energy efficiency, replacing your windows is the way to go.

3. Increase Your Home’s Durability

If your existing windows are broken, damaged, or warped, it’s time to replace them. Windows that are already in a poor state will only continue to quickly deteriorate, so by upgrading them you’ll add durability against the harsh Maine elements.

4. Add Curb Appeal & Enhance Value

Along with letting more sunshine in, new windows can add life back into your home. If they’re looking worn and outdated, or don’t match the historic charm of your home, upgrading your windows will refresh the look and feel of your home. Replacing your windows can also be a draw for potential homebuyers if and when you put your home on the market.

Energy Efficient & Beautiful Marvin Integrity Windows from Evergreen

When replacing your windows, it’s important to focus on quality, durability, and efficiency. At Evergreen Windows and Doors, we help homeowners choose the best window options for their Maine home from the Marvin Integrity window collection. Not only are these windows beautiful, but they are exceptionally well-built with long-lasting Ultrex, a patented fiberglass material. With our careful and professional installation, you will be satisfied with your new windows for many years to come.

Make your home sunnier with added curb appeal, durability, and energy efficiency. Contact us or call (207) 594-2244 to schedule a consultation today!