I am Thankful....

Posted:  Tuesday, November 6, 2018 - 9:12am
- Private group -

I am thankful for the cold weather. Now before everyone freaks out let me just explain! I enjoy the sun shining down on a hot beach in July, but my favorite time of year is the fall. That same over-crowded summer beach is now tranquil and surreal. The waves no longer thrash against the rocks due to unruly boaters; now they float in with a gentle breeze of freshness.
The hot sticky air no longer makes perspiration run down your face, beseeching you to take part in the coolness of the ocean. Now, the air is bitter against your exposed face with a tint of salty water misting threw the wind.

The tress no longer shade you from the sun’s rays with their full greenery. Now, they wave in the wind with a miraculous array of colors. Almost dancing just for you.
While the leaves fly topsy-turvy around this magical place my long red hair joins in the fun violently flying around me, making me part of this enchanted dance scene.
This is my freeing place. This is my unrestricted place. This is where I go to be liberated from the day’s woes.

The feel of the ocean, the wind, nature all around me and the way fall season engulfs me is what I’m thankful for. You see I like summer, spring and winter but I love fall.
Take time out of your day and experience the beauty around you. Its never to late to take a moment and breathe deep.