A Holiday Party

Posted:  Tuesday, December 11, 2018 - 7:06am
- Private group -

Every year our company throws a Christmas party for our staff. This year was no different! With amazing food, laughter, Christmas spirit and presents of course; we celebrated together. Our leader Katherine Strout was proud to present a beautiful feast she had catered.


While everyone was mingling and getting ready to eat the management staff put on a little show. Together they played Jingle Bells on the Bells! With a great deal of laughter and fun the bells rang on threw out the hall. Everyone enjoyed the beautiful bells and soon wanted to try themselves! The team handed off their bells and watched with glee as the caregivers of PHCI tried their hands at ringing the bells! They followed the notes and jangled about! As I sat back and watched the laughter in the room and soaked up the joy I felt at ease with a amazing group of people.


After dinner there was another surprise instore! The 12 days of Christmas in a most unusual way. Lisa handed out the parts with a huge smile. As the staff and staff spouses stood up in front of everyone to sing the 12 days of Christmas you couldn’t help but laugh. With laughter, excitement and fun flying threw the air a wonderful group of people sang the 12 days of Christmas with only a few mistakes happening. I couldn’t be prouder of the amazing people I work with and the way they were all able to come together.


Once all the games and food were done, we started our annual Yankee Swap! Oh, how the staff love this! If you’ve never been a part of a Yankee swap here is how it goes. Everyone brings a gift and as they give you their gift you give them a number. Who ever has number one goes first and last! They have no one to steal a gift from so they are the first to pick a gift and the last to walk about and take what they want. Number 2 to number 40 must take their chances! After you pick a gift you decide if you are going to keep it or trade it for something someone else has already picked. I must say there was a Patriots blanket that went around and around for a bit as well a hand engraved sign that everyone just had to have.


The music played and the people laughed and chatted till the evening came to an end. Everyone went home happy, full of food, and content! Until next year! 

Happy Holidays!