Happy 93rd Birthday Carol Bisbee

Posted:  Tuesday, December 18, 2018 - 9:53am
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Today we are reminded of that laughter is the best medicine and no one knew that better then the late Carol Bisbee. Carol would light up a room with her stories and jokes. Her smile was contagious and always brought great love to all who knew her. Today would have been Carol’s 93rdbirthday. All of us at PHCI feel blessed to have been able to spend a great deal of time with Carol over the years.

 Last night I received a message from Carol’s daughter Kathy. She found a video and poem that reminded her of her mother and the care she received from PHCI. With Kathy’s permission I would like to share this with all of you! The poem below is written by Esther Mary Walker who describes aging with understanding and compassion. Attached is a video that Home Instead Senior Care has shared. The woman on the video is Mary Maxwell who speaks about “old age” with humor and grace as Carol Bisbee always did. Thank you, Kathy, for thinking of us and sharing this special message with Private Home Care, Inc.


Happy 93rd Birthday Carol Bisbee, With love from Private Home Care, Inc.

Blessed In Aging

By Esther Mary Walker

Blessed are they who understand

My faltering step and shaking hand

Blessed, who know my ears today

Must strain to hear the things they say.

Blessed are those who seem to know

My eyes are dim and my mind is slow

Blessed are those who look away

When I spilled tea that weary day.

Blessed are they who, with cheery smile

Stopped to chat for a little while

Blessed are they who know the way

To bring back memories of yesterday.

Blessed are those who never say

“You’ve told that story twice today”

Blessed are they who make it known

That I am loved, respected and not alone.

And blessed are they who will ease the days

Of my journey home, in loving ways.

Thank you Kathy Bisbee Eldridge for sharing with all of us.

Blog written by Jesse Rishani

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