The blues don’t have to be so sad!

Posted:  Tuesday, July 11, 2017 - 11:45am

If you follow this page, you know I’m not just a writer and author, but with the help of my husband, Justin, I create miniature altered book dresses out of literary stories and natural materials. We call this side gig Tonic of The Woods.

In this series, we work with Stephen Crane's short story "The Blue Hotel" published in 1898, about an Irish man who gets in trouble with other inhabitants of the Palace Hotel in rural Nebraska and believes they are trying to kill him. Crane’s use of vivid colors is evident throughout the story. To pay tribute, Justin has painted intricate watercolors on these altered book pages, which have been made into miniature dresses.

Locally, there are several of these dresses ($25 and up) at Beyond The Sea in Lincolnville. This particular series will be dropped off at Penelope’s in Bar Harbor this week. 

To see each dress up close visit: Blue Hotel