One Rockland man's dory trip: No money to Wall Street

Posted:  Sunday, June 23, 2013 - 9:45pm

ROCKLAND — Joe Auciello has been traveling on the cheap most of his life and wants to demonstrate the joy of such journeys.

While raising their family, he and his wife, Shlomit Auciello, ran a business built on his sculpture and stone masonry, and which depended on Joe to take long road trips to sell and install his work. On those trips, he camped in his van, stayed with friends and slept in hostels. On his next voyage Auciello will spend most of his time in an open boat.

"I'm going toward New York City," he said June 23. "It might take me a month, maybe less, maybe more. I don't know. I intend to take my time and enjoy the journey."

"I'm row-sailing my dory," he said. "It's a 19-foot gunning dory named Jiuseppe. It's pretty much an open boat. I did close in bulkheads on either end for flotation."

Auciello will set the boat up so he can sleep aboard, and plans to stay in sight of land.

"The theme of this voyage is 'No money to Wall Street,'" he said. "When I was single, I used to be a long-distance hitchhiker. It seemed like I always ran out of money when I got across the country. I found a certain freedom in having no money."

Auciello said his philosophy was in tune with those in the Occupy movements.

"If I make it to New York, that's good. If I make it to Portland, that's good, too. My idea is to show that you can have a great adventure, a great time, without spending money at all."

He traded labor on a recent job for a month's supply of freeze-dried rations and will also carry dried fruit, nuts and grains.

"I plan to fish and forage for fresh food," he said.

A Bio-Lite campstove, a gift from Auciello's son, will heat his meals and help keep his cell phone and camera charged.

"I'm really more focused on finding out who I am, now that I've turned 60 and my children have graduated college. It's time for me to spend time by myself."

"I'd like to be leaving on Sunday, July 7," he said. Auciello said he had a job to wrap up and a friend's wedding to attend and would spend the weekend after Independence Day with his family. He plans to depart early in the morning from the Rockland Public Landing, but said plans are subject to change.

"It's all about the journey, not the destination," he said.

Those who would like to follow Auciello on his journey can read his reports and one another's comments, and see photographs and video recordings, at Joe can be reached by phone at 207-691-4326.