Boomer - A Kidney Success Story!

Posted:  Fri, 05/12/2017 - 4:15pm

Boomer Rosenfelt is an eleven year old Great Pyrenees, who was a rescue dog from Utica N.Y.

She was presented to The Camden Hospital for Animals with a loss of appetite, bloody urine, and just generally not herself.

The doctors at CHFA ran a variety of tests including a urinalysis, blood work, and performed an ultrasound.

Doctors diagnosed Boomer with a tumor on her right kidney, however the left kidney was functioning normally.

An abdominal exploratory was performed, during the exploratory the tumor was identified and subsequently removed - except the only way to remove the tumor was to remove the kidney.

She had an uneventful recovery from anesthesia and was on supportive care afterwards to help her fully functioning kidney.

Today... Boomer is living life to the fullest in her household of other dogs and loving humans!